perjantai 10. helmikuuta 2012

New and hitting the rocks...

Hi & Welcome to see around. ^-^

This is all for due my new way to explore inet and their sites. One way to get around is to create accounts  and sometimes to get some lil credit from places like for doing so. ^-^ Hope I don't forget this one after I leave here. >.< That could be easily happening. Sorry about that in before hand. ^-^

I just finished up reading the rules and can't leave any PTC links here to see. And what is PTC you may ask too. Well PTC is shortening for Paid-To-Click -sites (Clickie meh) that are full of ads to click and you get some little cash for doing so... not much though. They are pretty ordinary hierarchies where the upper level generates money from the people doing work for them which is usually the newbies in the business or people that can't afford to pay up the registration fees. But there is money to make if you only know the ways doing so.

Any how I'm not like starting to go that way. I'm not like pro here to tell you that you need to create your own referee system to work for you. There are plenty of sites to tell You how to do it. ^-^ And Who Gets The Money? The Ones Who Sell You The Ideas And Programs  "How-to-Get-Rich." But don't get totally discouraged yet. ^-^ If you are still interested check out the that is one of the places with unique system of making you wanna stay their sites longer.

But Neh... I'm not any better. XDD I want you to join my referee links to help me to get some more money by clicking ads even thou I know that others take better pay ups for mine and others work here. But still even thou not liking it I'm here to poke you around and wish that you join me and start clicking ads/ getting more people involved in clicking ads on those sites. Sooo follow the link.... Clickie meh.

And I also Welcome You to my favorite site too: The!
Hope to see you there and enjoy the visit too. ^-^/

Clickie to Nihonomaru

Okay and back to the PTC sites: See this link: Clickie meh (I gave it earlier too). It takes you to another page of mine where I can have the ads to these sites on. There are 8 different PTC sites that are pretty good ones or have variable services for you instead just clicking the ads. No must to click them but it would be great if you would do so. ^-^

Have A Nice Day and See You Soon. Take care. ^-^/

Oh and doon't forget to visit the pages either. ^-^/